What’s so good about working in a Birmingham Motorcycle Dealership? »

My name is Sam Bentley and I am the manager at Horton Motorcycles’ Birmingham shop and I love working here.  Why? Because I love anything and everything to do with bikes.  I talk about bikes all day (we’ve got 24 different models in our showroom so plenty to talk about) and I get to share my knowledge and experience with people who are new to riding motorcycles and scooters or used to own a bike in the past and are getting back into riding.  But the best thing is I get paid for doing it!

This is my first job in a shop environment.  I got the job because I know bikes and because I’m not that old I can still remember what it feels like to be someone looking to buy their first bike. I was involved in choosing the location of the shop and the fitting out of the showroom.  What was very important to us was that we wanted the shop to be a place where people who know only a bit about bikes or nothing at all would feel at home.  I remember buying my first bike and I wanted anyone coming to Horton’s not to feel intimidated.  Most of our customers are looking for a bike for practical purposes because they either want a cost effective ride to work and back or they want to get through their motorcycle test and move on up to bigger bikes.

We don’t go in for gimmicks so when you walk into Horton Motorcycles Birmingham the first thing you will see (apart from my smiling face) is one of every model that we stock.  Most of the time our customers have looked at our range on our website but there is nothing quite like coming in to see a complete range of 24 bike and scooter models to sit on, walk around and compare one next to another.  None of our staff are on commission so you will not get hassled.  Our business has grown through people recommending us to their family and friends and that’s how we feel about our customers.  We want our customers to feel part of the family. If you want to stay for 5 minutes or an hour that’s fine, coffee and tea is always available and I will chat through any questions you have about the bikes and scooters, the best way to finance and insure them or what you need to do to pass your motorcycle test.  I am also a mine of information if you want to know the best place to sell your existing bike or where to do your bike training – because I’ve done all this myself.

I am very proud of the range we have and the showroom.  It has been a lot of hard work, but we have now firmly established ourselves as the place to go for low cc motorcycles and scooters at an unbeatable on the road price with a lifetime warranty in the Birmingham area.

Author: Sam Bentley, Manager and Bike Enthusiast, Horton Motorcycles, Boldmere, Birmingham – if you’ve got a question drop me an email at info@hortonmotorcycles.co.uk or call in to our showroom.