That’s right… The Lexmoto Echo has been put to the test by Autotrader and has come out victorious!

Each year, Autotrader rounds up the best bikes available in each license category (AM, A1 and A2) as well as by design feature (Naked, cruiser etc) and competes them against each other to determine which is the top choice for each category.

This year, the Lexmoto Echo 50cc made the shortlist for the AM license category and after being thoroughly tested on a number of factors including; riding position, practicality, performance and design, it has been voted by the Autotrader judges as the best of the best.

We or absolutely thrilled by the result as it goes to show just how far Chinese bikes have come in regards to quality and performance as they can hold their own against their European and Japanese counterparts.

Source: https://www.lexmoto.co.uk/news.php?article=513

shop extension »

After another great year at Horton motorcycles we are very proud to announce the opening of our extended showroom at our Chester road shop. Please feel free to come in and have a look at our new wide range of lexmoto euro 4’s and the brilliant Quadzilla range.

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With the weather picking up we have had lots of interest in all our products here at Horton motorcycles so we would like to thank all of you customers for a busy past few weeks and hope to continue seeing customers leave with a smile on their face. All are welcome to come and visit us at the Kenilworth show this weekend, details are on our news page. Both shops will remain open whilst we are there for sales and repairs.


We would like to thank all of our new customers at Walsall buying brand new bikes and quads since we opened. Quadzilla have been very successful here at Horton motorcycles with the cforce x8 proving to be very popular with its 800cc v twin engine

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We are proud to announce that we have recently expanded and opened our second shop in Walsall town centre. Everyone is more than welcome to come and visit us to see us at 45-55 bridge street WS1 1JQ. We are also now selling Quadzilla quad bikes and Slam pit bikes in our new shop. We still have all accessories on show for all your biking needs with happy friendly staff here to help you out wherever possible. With our new shop opening we have had to take on new staff so for anyone that is a frequent visitor to our showroom in Sutton Paul will greet you with a smile and help you to the best of his knowledge, we also have our new handy mechanic Pat who is trained to a level 3 and has lots of experience with motorcycles. Both of our new employees are enthusiastic bikers and very good at what they do so we are very proud that they have now joined our team.

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We now have everything you could possibly need at Horton motorcycles to keep you on road and satisfied with all the latest up to date protective wear from helmets to boots to wet weather gear as well as tail tidy’s to make your 125cc or 50cc motorbike/scooter your very own machine as well as other accessories such as heated grips, panniers, tank bags, tank protectors the lot, we would also like to thank all of our customers for making it such a pleasure to work at Horton motorcycles and we wouldn’t be here with out you guys.

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Horton motorcycles have had a great start to 2016 with already doubling our sales and can only thank you for this but now is the time to get your brand new 2016 registration if you are fed up with getting the bus or train then maybe you would like to start thinking about getting a 125cc or a 50cc scooter or motorbike with our bikes doing on average 80 mpg to 100 mpg and tax only £17 a year with the first year tax included in the price so pop in and have a look at some of the great bikes we have on offer.

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Hi we at Horton motorcycles thought we should let you know how great 2016 is going to be with sales flying out the door in january just before we open our new shop aswel so its all go for us and we are looking forward to some of the amazing 125cc and 50cc motorbikes and mopeds lexmoto are bringing out and hope we can all have a great year!

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here at Horton motorcycles we are happy to announce that we will soon be opening a new, bigger shop at a great new location. we are sad to say that we will no longer be at the old location but the new location has given us many more facilities and a much larger showroom for you all to come and view our large range of bikes. we will still be open at 390 boldmere road until late January so keep looking at the website and keep in touch with us for updates on our big move. hope to see you all soon and hope you can all join us for a great year here at Horton motorcycles